Sunday, January 27, 2013

Madras Rotary Combined Cricket Club

You may have noticed a great deal of posts churning out in the past two days.  That is because it is the weekend.  And the weekend, specifically Sunday, is time for Cricket!

The Rotary Club of Madras East organizes an intramural cricket tournament that takes place during the months of December and January.  These are the "winter months".  The players take the brunt of the heat but the spectators are quite cool in the shade of nearby trees on the campus of Chennai's Loyola College.

The league is comprised of many local Rotary Clubs, though they do not compete against one another.  Instead they draw names and members of each club are placed at random.  Each of the teams are sponsored by a local businesses.  The first of two, we witnessed a match between the IBC Challengers and the Lanson Knights.

Sue gets a shot at bat

 This is to foster not competition, but fellowship among Rotary Clubs within city limits.  For a rundown of how the game works I suggest Wikipedia, but the day was delightful and we Americans learned a lot about India's most popular sport.  A few of us even got in a swing or two.  Though, it should be said that one of us who shall not be named (me) knocked his pitch into the crowd.  I am relieved to say that no Rotarians were hurt during the creation of this blog.

The cricket was a blast, but as always here in Chennai, the food was the main attraction.  A glorious sunny day and some sporting on the green made for an experience worth remembering.

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