Saturday, February 2, 2013

Vocational Studies: IT and more

After spending 2 weeks here in Chennai and visiting 5 different companies for my vocational studies, I'd like to give a recap on my experiences! What I am most inspired by is the success of the business people I have met and their drive to come up with new ideas to aid in their thriving careers.

Founder Rtn. Bhoo Thirumlai and former GSE member, Ganesh
My first visit was Aspire Systems, a global technology services firm with over 1,000 employees. I was first impressed with the grand architecture of their building located in one of the IT park areas of Chennai. I got to speak with the HR manager and one of the top Sales performers to learn about the company.
It was interesting to see how the large scale operation differs from my company at home. They even have a room with beds if the employees get tired or need to stay overnight!

The IT parks in Chennai are really growing and you can see a lot of huge buildings and new construction. Pictured here is Tata, another large IT company that I didn't visit but enjoyed seeing the office building from the outside.

I got the pleasure of having Rtn, N. Krishnan, or N.K. as we call him, as my volunteer for the second vocational visit. We stopped first at his company HVK Systems & Marketing, an industrial marketing, package systems and service provider. Then I met with his son-in-law, Sriram V. to learn about Broadgate Technical Services who provides customized IT and software solutions. I loved hearing about their work their clients and the overall success of the business.

My second host, Rtn Sivakumar Sadayappan is the CEO and Founder of iSource, another BPO company here in Chennai, so I got to go on an extra vocational visit to his office. His marketing team gave a very useful presentation on their methods of inbound marketing and we had a great discussion about techniques that I'm curious to test in my marketing role back home. I really enjoyed seeing the smaller company environment and extremely liked how they set up a shuttle (badminton) court in the lot outside to play after hours! I unfortunately lost but had fun still:)

I had great experiences as well at my other 2 visits, Congruent Solutions and Secova, and have one more in the final week here when we return from the City Plus tour.

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